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Craigshill to Howden

Rugby Club    (Weir)

Rock Ramp

Our Craigshill to Howden beat also offers some great easily accessible fishing! A mix of both tarmacked and dirt paths follow the river the full length of this beat, meaning this beat has something to offer everyone.

Craigshill Stretch.jpg

A mixture of long slow glides, fast riffles and deep pools make this beat perfect for the bait, fly or lure angler!

Howden Rock Ramp.jpg

This beat has limited parking opportunities which include:

Livingston Rugby Club Car Park -

Livingston Rugby Club have a large car park located just a short walk (approx. 100metres) down to the river. Please do not use this car park if Livingston Rugby Club have a game/match on.

Almond Park (Street Parking) -

This is on street parking so please park considerately. Parking near the play park is only a very short stroll down to the river. 

Although Howden Rock Ramp (pictured left) may look natural it is indeed manmade to allow fish easier passage over an old weir, therefore fishing is not permitted 50m upstream or downstream of this.

Tams pool.jpg
Tams pool2.jpg
Craigshill beach.jpg
Rugby club weir 1.jpg
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