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Almondell to Craigshill

Country Park

Rugby Club    (Weir)

Almondell Country Park offers some great fishing opportunities, offering some of the easiest to access fishing in the area. It is probably the most accessible beat on the river, making it perfect for everyone, including those with limited mobility.


However due to it being so easily accessible it can be busy with families throughout the summer months and dog walkers all throughout the season. Please always be respectful of others using the country park and remember it is there for everyone to enjoy!

Later in the evenings seem to be quitter however most visitors to the country park are courteous and will avoid letting their dogs and children splash about in the water beside you if you are already there fishing, unfortunately this cannot be said for all and if you do experience any issues please lead by example and take a step away from the river momentary.

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Fish are used to disruption in these areas and pools recover quickly!

If you do unfortunately have any issues please do let us know. 

Almondell visitor centre is open most days and sells a small selection of tea, coffee, juice, biscuits and ice cream! Please check google for their opening ours as these change seasonally. 

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Almondell South Car Park - Accessed from the Calderwood, East Calder, Kirknewton side. Access to the Country Park is a reasonable walk by a stone surfaced path for 40metres leading to a long tarmacked driveway. Following the tarmac driveway approx.1000metres will bring you to Nasmyth Bridge in the middle of the Country Park. Parking is also available in the cemetery car park opposite Almondell South Car Park if this car park is full.

Mid Calder Car Park - Accessed from the Mid Calder, Craigshill, Livingston side. There is limited parking here for approximately 10 cars. Parking here allows you to fish down stream along the side of the waste water treatment works down into the country park (There is a steep hill at the start of this route). Alternatively you can either fish upstream by crossing the main road (Pumpherston Rd) and walk through Wallace Mill Gardens to continue fishing upstream. 

Mid Calder car park also offers parking for fishing the lower reaches of the Linhouse water however the path here can be tricky underfoot especially in wet conditions.

Livingston Rugby Club Car Park -

Livingston Rugby Club have a large car park located just a short walk (approx. 100metres) down to the river. Please do not use this car park if Livingston Rugby Club have a game/match on.

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