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Together we can make a difference and protect our environment for future generations.

In 2023 we removed over 200 trolleys from our river, we made supermarkets aware of the issue and managed to work with the biggest contributor of trolleys entering the river, ASDA. After much encouragement from ourselves and a couple of others from other community groups ASDA reinstated the £1 coin / trolley token system. This has already made a big difference with a lot less of their trolleys going missing. 

Thank you to everyone who comes along to lend a hand when needed!

Rivers are an essential part of our ecosystem, and it's crucial to keep them flowing smoothly. Our bailiffing team conducts surveys to identify any issues that may be hindering the river's natural flow, such as trees blocking the waterway. By identifying these issues, we can take the necessary steps to ensure that we continually help to improve the health of the river and help it to thrive for years to come.

Although we conduct surveys regularly by foot, vehicle and drone, we do still rely on our members and members of the public bringing any issues they come across to our attention. You can get in touch with us via:


Facebook: West Lothian Angling Association - River Almond

Call or Text us on: 07908 860758


Alternatively you can message us on WhattsApp or use the contact form on our home page.


Interested in helping keep our rivers clean?  Join us in our efforts to keep our rivers clean and healthy! Our team of volunteers is dedicated to removing rubbish and debris from our waterways along with other local community groups such as West Lothian Litter Pickers. 

Follow us on Facebook to find out about our upcoming work parties. 

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